Jack Scissor Hydraulic Lift ConStands L black

Jack Scissor Hydraulic Lift ConStands L black


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Item description

Motorcycle Scissor-Lift ConStands Mid-Lift L

  • Solid bike lift for repair and maintenance work
  • Save lifting of bikes with double-tube frame and quads
  • Ideal for comfortable and safe working at the front and rear wheel
  • Hydraulic pump pedal for safely raise and lower with hand valve
  • Retaining rails for relieving the hydraulics during longer standing phases
  • We recommend the use of tensioning belts during hibernation
  • Technical data:
    • Dimensions (LxWxH) 76 x 36 x 15 cm
    • Dimensions lift table (LxW) 31 x 29 cm
    • Min. height 11,5 cm
    • Max. height 37,5 cm
    • Weight approx. 27 kg
    • Load capacity max. 680 Kg

    Mouting instructions

    Suitable for:

    MakeModelfrom yearto year
    Harley DavidsonCross Bones (FLSTSB)20082018
    Harley DavidsonCVO Limited (FLHTKSE)20142018
    Harley DavidsonCVO Pro Street Breakout (FXSE)20162018
    Harley DavidsonCVO Road Glide (FLTRXSE)20182018
    Harley DavidsonCVO Road Glide Custom (FLTRXSE)20122013
    Harley DavidsonCVO Road Glide Ultra (FLTRUSE)20112016
    Harley DavidsonCVO Road King (FLHRSE5)20132014
    Harley DavidsonCVO Softail Breakout (FXSBSE)20132014
    Harley DavidsonCVO Softail Convertible (FLSTSE)20112012
    Harley DavidsonCVO Softail Deluxe (FLSTNSE)20142015
    Harley DavidsonCVO Street Glide (FLHXSE)20112018
    Harley DavidsonCVO Ultra Classic (FLHTCUSE )20112013
    Harley DavidsonDyna Fat Bob (FXDF)20082017
    Harley DavidsonDyna Low Rider (FXDL/I)19932017
    Harley DavidsonDyna Low Rider S (FXDLS)20162017
    Harley DavidsonDyna Street Bob (FXDB)20062017
    Harley DavidsonDyna Super Glide (FXD)19952004
    Harley DavidsonDyna Super Glide Custom (FXDC)20052015
    Harley DavidsonDyna Super Glide Sport (FXDX)19982005
    Harley DavidsonDyna Super Glide T-Sport (FXDXT)20012003
    Harley DavidsonDyna Switchback (FLD)20122016
    Harley DavidsonDyna Wide Glide (FXDWG)19932017
    Harley DavidsonElectra Glide (FLHT)19821987
    Harley DavidsonElectra Glide Classic (FLHTC/I)19832012
    Harley DavidsonElectra Glide Sport (FLHS)19831995
    Harley DavidsonElectra Glide Standard (FLHT)19962010
    Harley DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Classic (FLHTCU/I)19892016
    Harley DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Limited (FLHTK)20092018
    Harley DavidsonFat Boy (FLFB)20182018
    Harley DavidsonFat Boy (FLSTF)19902017
    Harley DavidsonFat Boy Special (FLSTFB)20102017
    Harley DavidsonHeritage Softail Classic (FLHC)20182018
    Harley DavidsonHeritage Softail Classic (FLSTC)19882017
    Harley DavidsonHeritage Softail Special (FLSTN)19931996
    Harley DavidsonHeritage Springer (FLSTS)19972003
    Harley DavidsonNight Train (FXSTB)19982009
    Harley DavidsonNight-Rod (VRSCD)20062007
    Harley DavidsonNight-Rod Special (VRSCDX)20072017
    Harley DavidsonRoad Glide (FLTR)20182018
    Harley DavidsonRoad Glide Special (FLTRXS)20152018
    Harley DavidsonRoad Glide Ultra (FLTRU)20162018
    Harley DavidsonRoad King (FLHR/I)19942018
    Harley DavidsonRoad King Classic (FLHRC/I)19982018
    Harley DavidsonRoad King Custom (FLHRSI)20052007
    Harley DavidsonRoad King Special (FLHRXS)20172018
    Harley DavidsonRocker (FXCW)20082009
    Harley DavidsonRocker C (FXCWC)20082011
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Bad Boy (FXSTB)19951998
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Blackline (FXS)20112013
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Breakout (FXSB)20132018
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Custom (FXSTC)19862009
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Deluxe (FLDE)20182018
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Deluxe (FLSTN/I)20052017
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Deuce (FXSTD/I)20002004
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Fat Bob (FXFB)20182018
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Fat Bob 114 (FXFBS)20182018
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Low Rider (FXLR)20182018
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Slim (FLS)20122017
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Slim (FLSL)20182018
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Sport Glide (FLSB)20182018
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Springer (FXSTS/I)19882004
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Standard (FXST/I)19992006
    Harley DavidsonSoftail Street Bob (FXBB)20182018
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 (XLH-1200)19881999
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 CA Custom (XL 1200 CA)20132016
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 CB Custom (XL 1200 CB)20132017
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 Custom (XL 1200 C)19962018
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 Low (XL 1200 L)20072009
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 Nightster (XL 1200 N)20082012
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 Roadster (XL 1200 CX)20172018
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 Roadster (XL 1200 R)20042008
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 Sport (XLH 1200 S)19962003
    Harley DavidsonSportster 1200 T Superlow (XL1200T)20142018
    Harley DavidsonSportster 883 (XL 883)19862010
    Harley DavidsonSportster 883 Custom (XL 883 C)19982010
    Harley DavidsonSportster 883 Hugger (XLH 883)19882003
    Harley DavidsonSportster 883 Iron (XL 883 N)20092018
    Harley DavidsonSportster 883 Low (XL 883 L)20042010
    Harley DavidsonSportster 883 R Roadster (XL 883 R)20022015
    Harley DavidsonSportster 883 Superlow (XL 883 L)20112018
    Harley DavidsonSportster Forty-Eight 48 (XL 1200X)20102018
    Harley DavidsonSportster Seventy-Two (XL 1200 V)20132016
    Harley DavidsonSpringer Classic (FLSTSCI)20052007
    Harley DavidsonStreet 750 (XG750)20152018
    Harley DavidsonStreet Glide (FLHX)20062018
    Harley DavidsonStreet Glide Special (FLHXS)20152018
    Harley DavidsonStreet Rod 750 (XG750A)20172018
    Harley DavidsonStreet-Rod (VRSCR)20052008
    Harley DavidsonUltra Limited Low (FLHTKL)20152018
    Harley DavidsonV-Rod (VRSCA/W)20012010
    Harley DavidsonV-Rod Muscle (VRSCF)20092017
    HondaBlack Widow 75020002003
    HondaShadow 750 Black Spirit20102016
    HondaShadow VT 1100 C219952000
    HondaShadow VT 1100 C3 Aero19982000
    HondaShadow VT 600 C19882000
    HondaShadow VT 750 C19972016
    HondaShadow VT 750 Spirit20072013
    HondaVF 750 C Magna19932003
    HondaVT 1300 CX Fury20102016
    HondaVT 750 S20102012
    HondaVTX 130020022010
    HondaVTX 1300 C20022010
    HondaVTX 1300 R/S20022010
    HondaVTX 180020012010
    HondaVTX 1800 C20012010
    HondaVTX 1800 R/S20012010
    HyosungGV 650/i20062016
    HyosungGV 700 C20102014
    HyosungST 700 i / ST 720112016
    IndianChief Classic20152018
    IndianChief Dark Horse20152018
    IndianChief Vintage20152017
    IndianChieftain Dark Horse20172017
    IndianScout Bobber20182018
    IndianScout Sixty20162018
    KawasakiEL 250 Eliminator19881995
    KawasakiEL 252 Eliminator19962003
    KawasakiEliminator 12519982007
    KawasakiVN 1500 Classic19962002
    KawasakiVN 1500 Mean Streak20012003
    KawasakiVN 1600 Classic20032008
    KawasakiVN 1600 Classic Tourer20052008
    KawasakiVN 1600 Mean Streak20042008
    KawasakiVN 1700 Classic20092015
    KawasakiVN 1700 Classic Tourer20092016
    KawasakiVN 1700 Voyager20092016
    KawasakiVN 1700 Voyager Custom20102014
    KawasakiVN 200020042008
    KawasakiVN 2000 Classic20082011
    KawasakiVN 80019941999
    KawasakiVN 800 Classic19962006
    KawasakiVN 800 Drifter19992003
    KawasakiVN 900 Classic20062016
    KawasakiVN 900 Custom20072016
    KawasakiVN 900 Light Tourer20102014
    KawasakiVulcan 1700 Nomad20152016
    KawasakiVulcan 1700 Voyager20152016
    KawasakiVulcan 900 Classic20152017
    KawasakiVulcan 900 Custom20152017
    KTM620 Duke19951999
    KTM640 Adventure19982002
    KTM640 Duke II19992007
    KTM640 Supermoto19992006
    Moto GuzziAudace20152018
    Moto GuzziCalifornia 1400 Custom20132016
    Moto GuzziCalifornia 1400 Touring20132018
    Moto GuzziCalifornia 1400 Touring SE20152016
    Moto GuzziEldorado20152018
    Moto GuzziMGX-21 Flying Fortress20162018
    SuzukiIntruder C 150020052007
    SuzukiIntruder C 1500 T20132016
    SuzukiIntruder C 1800 R/RT20082012
    SuzukiIntruder C 80020052017
    SuzukiIntruder M 150020092010
    SuzukiIntruder M 160020052005
    SuzukiIntruder M 1800 R20062017
    SuzukiIntruder M 1800 R220082010
    SuzukiIntruder M 80020052017
    SuzukiIntruder VL 1500 LC19982004
    SuzukiIntruder VL 250 LC20002001
    SuzukiIntruder VL 800 Volusia20012004
    SuzukiIntruder VS 140019862003
    SuzukiIntruder VS 60019951998
    SuzukiIntruder VS 75019861991
    SuzukiIntruder VS 80019922000
    SuzukiLS 650 Savage19862001
    SuzukiMarauder VZ 160020042004
    SuzukiMarauder VZ 80019962003
    TriumphAmerica LT20142016
    TriumphBonneville Bobber20172018
    TriumphBonneville Bobber Black20182018
    TriumphBonneville Speedmaster20182018
    TriumphBonneville T10020052018
    TriumphBonneville T12020162018
    TriumphBonneville/ SE20012016
    TriumphRocket III20042009
    TriumphRocket III Classic20062009
    TriumphRocket III Roadster20102017
    TriumphRocket III Touring20082014
    TriumphRocket X20152015
    TriumphStreet Cup20172018
    TriumphStreet Scrambler20172018
    TriumphStreet Twin20162018
    TriumphThruxton 120020162018
    TriumphThruxton 1200 R20162018
    TriumphThruxton Ace20152015
    VictoryCross Country/ Tour20102017
    VictoryCross Roads20102012
    VictoryCross Roads Classic20122014
    VictoryHammer 8-Ball20122016
    VictoryHammer/ S20072016
    VictoryHard Ball20122013
    VictoryHigh Ball20122017
    VictoryMagnum X-120152015
    VictoryNess Cross Country20142014
    VictoryVegas 8-Ball20052016
    VictoryVegas Jackpot20082014
    VictoryVision Tour20082016
    YamahaXV 1600 A Wild Star19992004
    YamahaXV 1700 Road Star Warrior20032005
    YamahaXV 1900 Midnight Star20062016
    YamahaXV 95020142018
    YamahaXV 950 R20142018
    YamahaXV 950 Racer20162016
    YamahaXVS 1100 A Drag Star Classic20002007
    YamahaXVS 1100 Drag Star19992002
    YamahaXVS 125 Drag Star20002009
    YamahaXVS 1300 A Midnight Star20072016
    YamahaXVS 1300 Custom20142016
    YamahaXVS 250 Drag Star20012009
    YamahaXVS 650 A Drag Star Classic19982007
    YamahaXVS 650 Drag Star19962003
    YamahaXVS 950 A Midnight Star20092016
    YamahaXVZ 1300 A Royal Star19961999

    More details:

    The product on offer is an accessory or spare part and thus is not an original product of the vehicle manufacturer. The name of the vehicle manufacturer is stated only as an indication of the determination of the product being offered as an accessory or spare part, to clarify, for which vehicle the product on offer fits.
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